Quote Of The Day:- “Writing Is A Therapy”

I have covered an exciting journey of transforming myself internally and spiritually. Writing is one of the helpful traits that has encouraged me to cope with everything in life. I would say that I have acquired this skill from my mother.

Just like her, I started writing little poems or lines for magazines and newspapers. Overall these years, I learned that a writer is not who just puts words together for a sentence or a story. Instead, it is putting one’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions in words in a flow in a particular chronology. A chronology in a write-up matter, I can think you know about it by now. Until unless the write-up has a flow in it, you will not be interested.

Writing ignites imagination skills or at least stirs some thoughts in the reader about a particular topic. I believe a write-up is not good until it really makes the user take an action based on it or maybe at least make them think for a minute.

We are all aware of the basics of writing. First, it should have proper grammar and sentence constructions. Second, it needs to be faithful and accurate. Third, a proper flow of thoughts is important. Lastly, a proper technique should be used to write upon a particular subject. However, writers have their individual techniques and pattern of writing. Good writing needs honesty. That’s all!

My writing experience taught me it is easier to make mistakes. We are human; we are ought to make mistakes. I remember not having enough confidence and having a pleasant discussion about being a “Content Writer” with my mentor. After a good lengthy conversation, I ended up asking him:- “How can I become a ‘good writer’?” He just laughed at me and said, “If you want to be a writer, then just write”. And I sat there in silence, in the moment of truth, thinking it actually makes sense. Until I write, how do I even know that I don’t write well, or which writing aspects need modification? So, I confided my daily thoughts and experiences in my favorite blue diary.

I would not call myself a refined writer. I believe there is still some learning to do and that can only come with experience and continuous writing. However, if you’re wondering how I write?

These are eight golden steps I like to follow for any piece of writing:

  • Read, Read and Read
  • Nail Points Down
  • Dive in Thoughts
  • Design a Plot
  • Make a Draft
  • Rewrite
  • Take Feedback
  • Rewrite again

I honestly believe that writing is fun! It is euphoric for me. Have you ever been psyched when you play a physical game? Or maybe take physical activities as therapy? For me, writing is therapy. Yes, some people do not get it, but I am an introvert, I can share my feelings only when I do not have to actually express them openly.

Writing has helped me combat my problems by taking a step back, giving it a thought, and taking an appropriate approach. I can literally promise none of the decisions made with a peaceful mind was wrong. I pour all my feelings and thoughts into a piece of paper to further analyze the criticality of the situation.

Plus, we all are storytellers! Maybe a few minutes or an hour before, you were narrating an incident to your friend or family. Hence, putting those spoken words on a piece of paper or digitally is another way of sharing your story. Writing has become an important aspect of our lives. Look closely, you will realize either you read something written by others or you write something yourself.

That said, do you believe writing is a therapy”? Let’s start a conversation. Tell me all about how writing changed you? Share your journey of becoming a writer.





Content Writer || Social Media Manager ||

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Shulagna Sharma

Shulagna Sharma

Content Writer || Social Media Manager ||

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